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The Monday 6 - April 19, 2021

The Monday 6
The Monday 6 - April 19, 2021
By Kyle Petzinger • Issue #8 • View online
Hello, friends.
I’m a bit disappointed that only my wife found the easter egg in last week’s post. Oh well.
We were able to snag Disneyland tickets in May on their first day of public availability. It’s insane that the park has been closed for over a year. We’ll get to enjoy the parks at just 25% capacity, which sounds…ideal. I’ll be bitter every time we go in the future that it won’t be this limited likely ever again.
Onto the 6 for this week:

1. Get A Travel Backpack
Travel is almost a thing again! In preparation, I couldn’t recommend the concept of a travel backpack anymore. Name brand (Patagonia, North Face, etc.) will set you back a lot more, but I’ve had great luck with this one by Gonex ($13.99 on Amazon at the time of writing).
I’ve taken this backpack on a few solo trips to Europe + some family trips as well. It’s a great companion when spending a day on your feet. It packs down to the size of a folded t-shirt, is lightweight, comfy, and water-resistant.
Gonex Ultralight Handy Travel Backpack
2. Pomodoro Timer
The Pomodoro technique is a productivity & time management system where you constrain each task by a set amount of time, allowing no distractions while you work on it. After each set, you take another set amount of time as a break.
From Wikipedia:
The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks.
Truthfully, I don’t use Pomodoro all the time, but when I have tasks that need uninterrupted focus, I do.
My favorite tool for the job is Pomodone, which integrates with a whole host of to-do and project management tools. You can customize the length of each Pomodoro (I usually do 40 minutes instead of the standard 25), set up two-way syncs with your app of choice, and track your progress.
If you find yourself getting distracted, I recommend giving the Pomodoro technique a try, and Pomodone is my tool recommendation if you find the technique helpful for you.
Pomodoro timer for your productivity tool: Trello, Asana, Todoist, Evernote - PomoDoneApp
3. Buy A Headset For Your Video Calls
A year plus into the pandemic, video calls are still largely irreplaceable while tedious and draining.
One of the best investments I made a few months into work-from-home was a dedicated headset with a built-in boom mic. Aside from the obvious positive of looking like Britney Spears, I’m able to communicate much more clearly than over Bluetooth earbuds or relying upon my computer’s mic.
This headset by Mpow was less than $30, installed without issue, and is comfortable enough to wear for marathon meetings. I’ve never had a reliability issue in nearly a year.
Mpow USB Headset with 3.5mm Jack
4. Marketing Advice Twitter Threads
I thoroughly enjoyed this thread of Tweet threads (meta, I know). If you’re a marketer or just wanted to learn a bit more about marketing, there’s something in there for you.
Click through on each Tweet below to see the threads.
Alex Garcia 🔍
25 Marketing Threads That Will Teach You More Than Any Marketing Class 🧵
Here’s a couple of my favorites from the list (click through to see thread):
Alex Garcia 🔍
I’ve created a ton of marketing strategies.

I’ve studied thousands of marketing strategies.

And the common denominator in very successful marketing strategies is the use of the SAVE framework.

Squarespace has made a killin' using it.

Create a successful marketing strategy 🧵
Alex Garcia 🔍
7 Timeless marketing lessons from absolute legends 🧵
5. Scan Documents With Your Smartphone
Since most of us don’t own scanners anymore, I recommend using the free Adobe Scan app on iOS or Android. It’s simple to use, has OCR, color correction, and much more.
Meet Adobe Scan. The free scan app with text recognition superpowers. YouTube
Meet Adobe Scan. The free scan app with text recognition superpowers. YouTube
I use Adobe Scan to collect all our tax forms, important receipts, and other documents. I usually upload to Google Drive from there, but they’re by default saved to your document cloud.
The app is free, but you get a few extra perks if you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.
Adobe Scan, PDF Scanner app for iPhone & Android
6. Reddit, Visualized
I love stuff like this. Someone took the time to visualize all the subreddits on Reddit and put them on a “map”. You can zoom in and see how subreddits connect. Neat!
Map of Reddit - Github
Map of Reddit - Github
That’s it! Let me know if you’ve found any of these useful or interesting. Have a great week!
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