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The Monday 6 – February 21, 2022

The Monday 6
The Monday 6 – February 21, 2022
By Kyle Petzinger • Issue #44 • View online
Hi there, friend.
My apologies for the long absence. There was a vacation, sickness (not COVID, somehow), and job change that have taken up all space in my brain. But I’m back!
And apologies for my tardiness today. It’s still Monday where I am!
Here are the 6:

1. Non-Wordle Word News
Researchers conducted a survey asking participants from all the English-speaking world to identify if they knew a word or not, then compared the results based on demographics.
You can take the survey if you’d like here.
Here were my results:
Kyle Petzinger
I didn't know the word compassing, but I know 73% of the other English words according to #wordORnot.
After gathering over 61,000 results, the researchers shared some interesting differences:
  1. Words known much better in the US than in the UK, and vice versa
  2. Words known better by males than by females, and vice versa
I’m very proud I know what a ‘peplum’ is (#2).
There’s a bunch more in the study if you want to check it out below.
Word prevalence norms for 62,000 English lemmas
2. Find The Best Weather Service For Where You Live
I live in a place where I shouldn’t care very much about the accuracy of weather forecasts, but as they say, you can’t change a horse.
ForecastAdvisor will report back the most accurate weather service (based on historical data and their forecasts) for your location.
Here’s what my location shows:
3. Get Reimbursed For COVID Tests Easily
Effective January 15th, 2022, US health insurance providers must reimburse up to 8 at-home rapid COVID tests per month, per person.
Not sure if anyone else has tried yet, but my health insurer (Cigna 👿) requires one to fill out a PDF (with no form fields!) and submit either via the web, snail mail, or fax. When I submitted a few days after the 15th, only snail mail and fax were options. 🤦🏻‍♂️
This is where Goodbill comes in.
Goodbill handles all the backend paperwork of submitting a claim for your at-home COVID tests.
I hope this saves you some time.
At-home COVID test reimbursements | Goodbill
4. YouTube Is Larger Than Netflix
This frankly shocked me.
Netflix is the undisputed king of streaming. Although their stock has fallen recently (mostly because everyone who will subscribe to Netflix already has), at $391/share, Netflix has a market cap of $173B.
But in Q4 2021, YouTube advertising revenue surpassed Netflix’s revenue: $8.6B vs $7.7B, respectively. And YouTube doesn’t have to pay for content. 🤯
Reminder that YouTube is like a cute side gig for Alphabet (aka Google)
Reminder that YouTube is like a cute side gig for Alphabet (aka Google)
Netflix narrowly edged YouTube for full FY21 revenue, but I would have never have guessed the two were as comparable as they are.
As a marketer, YouTube is simply becoming too influential to not take seriously as both a branding vehicle and acquisition channel.
YouTube Ad Sales Hit $8.6 Billion in Q4, up 25% & Topping Netflix Revenue for Quarter
5. Video Meeting Backgrounds
I’m a ‘need to have a background on my videos calls’ type of person.
  1. It’s a fun, passive way to express yourself
  2. People don’t want to look at the white wall behind me has royalty-free, non-watermarked backgrounds free to download. The selection is still expanding but I’ve found a few go-to’s.
Free Virtual Background Images for Online Meetings
6. Why The US Has 2 Different Sizes Of Butter
I had no idea until stumbling upon this, but apparently, the United States has 2 standard butter shapes, each for roughly half the country:
Team chubby short guys 🧈
Team chubby short guys 🧈
Well, now that you know this, watch this video to know why:
The US' Butter Size Border ⎯ 6m 43s
The US' Butter Size Border ⎯ 6m 43s
That’s it for this week. If you found anything useful or fun, let me know! And if you have any suggestions, shoot them my way. 😊 See you next week!
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