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The Monday 6 – January 10, 2022

The Monday 6
The Monday 6 – January 10, 2022
By Kyle Petzinger • Issue #42 • View online
Hi there, friend.
I read an estimate the other day that given the United States is approaching 1 million confirmed COVID cases per day + a test positivity rate of nearly 30%, it’s within reason that ~2% of the country’s entire population is testing positive every day. 🤯
Stay safe out there.
On to the 6:

1. An eInk...Car?
The Consumer Electronics Show just wrapped in Vegas, and this year was heavy on car tech. 2021 felt like the year electric cars went mainstream and, judging by this year’s CES, 2022 will continue to bring more focus and innovation in the EV space. ⚡️👍🏻
On top of their other announcements, BMW used CES to demonstrate some bonkers eInk (like what’s in a Kindle) “paint” on a car, allowing it to change from black to white at the touch of a button.
From The Verge:
The surface coating of the BMW iX Flow featuring E Ink contains many millions of microcapsules, with a diameter equivalent to the thickness of a human hair. Each of these microcapsules contains negatively charged white pigments and positively charged black pigments. Depending on the chosen setting, stimulation by means of an electrical field causes either the white or the black pigments to collect at the surface of the microcapsule, giving the car body the desired shade.
Will this be practical in a ready-to-buy car? Probably not for a while (if ever), but I find it pretty fun.
BMW debuts its new color-changing paint technology at CES: E Ink
2. Disney Patents Some Wild Tech
Disney was recently granted a patent, and it reminds me of the personalized ads depicted in ‘Minority Report’.
From the LA Times:
The technology described in the patent would not be geared for large audiences but would instead track individual visitors around the parks and project images specifically for them on nearby objects, buildings and walls. Imagine walking by a wall and having Mickey Mouse appear to wave and dance in front of you.
Disney may one day project 3-D images for individual guests
3. The UK Marines Testing Jetpacks
This video from May 2021 showed the UK Marines testing traveling between ships via jetpack. Badass.
Watch the full explainer video (CNN) here.
4. How To Be A Better (Remote) Manager
Like many of you, I’m approaching two years as a fully remote manager. I found this helpful tweet thread with some practical advice for fellow people managers out there:
1/ I've been managing people remotely for 8 years. Here's how to be a better manager in a remote (distributed) team:
This was my favorite reminder:
11/ When you find that people are overtired, overworked or just need a break - give them that break.

Take their work/worries away and let them take off. Don't postpone this, do it right away. Rest is essential.
5. A Map Of The Internet
Way back in April 2021, I shared the map of Reddit (#6), and not to be outdone, Martin Vargic (a Slovak artist 🇸🇰) created this “Map of the Internet 2021”.
From his website:
Inspired by design of historical maps, this project aims to concisely, but still comprehensively visualize the current state of the World Wide Web, and document the largest and most popular websites over the period of 2020-2021, along with their countless aspects and features.
The level of detail is extraordinary. Click the link below to read more backstory and see the high-resolution version.
Map of the Internet — Halcyon Maps
6. Get The Dimensions Of Almost Anything You Can Think Of is a site where you can find, well, dimensions of virtually any object you can think of. And not just dimensions, but full 3D renders and schematic drawings.
They describe themselves:
A comprehensive reference database of dimensioned drawings documenting the standard measurements and sizes of the everyday objects and spaces that make up our world. Scaled 2D drawings and 3D models available for download. Updated daily.
It has so many things:
I’ll be honest: I cannot immediately think of a practical purpose for this website, but maybe one of you will?
Dimensions | Database of Dimensioned Drawings
That’s it for this week. If you found anything useful or fun, let me know! And if you have any suggestions, shoot them my way. 😊 See you next week!
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