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The Monday 6 - July 19, 2021

The Monday 6
The Monday 6 - July 19, 2021
By Kyle Petzinger • Issue #20 • View online
Hi there, friend.
This isn’t one of the 6 (you’re welcome) but check out this story (YouTube) of the Padres pitcher Daniel Camarena, who hit a Grand Slam to help the team come back and win a game after starting down 8-0. Oh, and it was his first MLB hit!
I was actually at this game and had no idea who he was. I had no idea I was witnessing something historic. It’s a great story.
On to the 6!

1. The Pandemic Created A Small Business Creation Wave
The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in millions of workers lose their jobs in the United States alone. However, in some very optimistic news, many of those people (and others who didn’t lose their jobs) decided now was the time to start a business of their own.
The internet has made it easier and cheaper than ever to give it a go on your own, and it’s heartening to see so many Americans take advantage of the opportunity.
Why small businesses may end up the pandemic's biggest winners - Axios
The Indicator, a podcast from the Planet Money folks, also did an episode on the boom:
Podcast: The Indicator from Planet Money: The COVID Small Business Boom
2. Parenting Advice Substack
Emily Oster is a renowned author, economics professor, and parent. Her books “Cribsheet - A Data-Driven Guide to Better, More Relaxed Parenting, from Birth to Preschool” and “Expecting Better: Why the Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom Is Wrong - and What You Really Need to Know” has garnered praise (and extra sleep) from parents around the world.
I first heard of Emily when she made an appearance on the Freakonomics podcast in 2019:
Freakonomics Radio: The Data-Driven Guide to Sane Parenting
Emily is very data-driven in her approach (that’s the point) and, being a parent herself, can connect the data to the practical.
In short, Emily is a trustworthy, practical, level-headed, and data-based person, and I’ve found her advice to be very helpful.
She has started a Substack (called ParentData), where she puts out 2 pieces of more timely advice every week. If you’re a parent, this one is a must-subscribe:
ParentData - by Emily Oster
3. Link To A Song, Playable On Any Streaming Service
Way back in the 2nd Monday 6 ever, I shared the tool, which allows you to find a podcast or podcast episode and have a link that will work universally with all podcast players.
Songlink is the same concept: find a song/album/artist of Songlink, and you can share that link with friends, who can then play on their streaming app of choice. It can actually do podcasts too, but I find to be superior here.
4. A Breakdown Of Facebook's Business
For curious, I found this podcast episode diving into the business of Facebook to be quite good.
They hit a few topics:
  • Why the phrase “Facebook sells your data” is inaccurate & untrue
  • Why are Facebook ads so targeted sometimes?
  • How do advertisers think through and use Facebook Ads?
If you’re a Facebook skeptic, I’d doubly encourage you to listen to better understand how its advertising ecosystem works.
Business Breakdowns: Facebook
5. Ridiculous Homes For Sale
Zillow Gone Wild is a social media account (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok) that scours the wonderful world of home listings on Zillow and surfaces the ridiculous ones.
Like this one (Zillow link):
@ZillowGoneWild - Rydal, PA. $524,900
Or this one (Zillow link):
@ZillowGoneWild - $854,950. Golden, CO
6. Does Time Exist?
“Does time exist?” seems like a simple and obvious question/answer, but this video (5m 16s) dives into why it’s not straightforward at all.
The earliest time measurements were observations of cycles of the natural world, using patterns of changes from day to night and season to season to build calendars. More precise time-keeping eventually came along to put time in more convenient boxes. But what exactly are we measuring? Andrew Zimmerman Jones contemplates whether time is something that physically exists or is just in our heads.
Does time exist? - Andrew Zimmerman Jones
Does time exist? - Andrew Zimmerman Jones
That’s it for this week. If you found anything useful or fun, let me know! And if you have any suggestions, shoot them my way. 😊 See you next week!
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