The Monday 6

By Kyle Petzinger

The Monday 6 - March 29, 2021



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The Monday 6
The Monday 6 - March 29, 2021
By Kyle Petzinger • Issue #5 • View online
Happy Spring, friend.
It will be 90° F here this week. I am actively working on reversing my farmer’s tan. 👨🏻‍🌾🌞
As always, please reply and send me any feedback you may have, good or bad. It’s greatly appreciated!

1. Drone Footage of the Newly Erupting Volcano in Iceland
This video is just epic. This Icelandic volcano was dormant for 6,000 years before (spectacularly) erupting last week.
Wait for the end...
Wait for the end...
2. Great Slim Wallet
I’ve bounced around with several different wallets over the years, searching for one thing: something that is as thin as possible. For those of you who also carry lots of credit cards, this SlimFold wallet is the best I’ve come across. Probably good for those who carry cash as well.
Soft Shell Thin Wallet – SlimFold Wallet
3. Daily Dad is a newsletter and podcast that shares a simple piece of wisdom related to my most important job: being a dad.
I prefer the podcast form, with each coming in around 2-3 minutes.
If you’re a dad, give it a try.
Podcast - The Daily Dad
4. COVID 1 Year Ago Twitter Account
This Twitter account (@YearCovid) reposts stories, quotes, and more from the exact same date a year ago related to the novel coronavirus / COVID-19.
It’s mostly…rough. Here are some “highlights”.
My main takeaway is that collectively, we know so little. Putting aside ego, being open to new points of view, and acknowledging that you don’t know everything are some axioms I personally try to live by, COVID or otherwise.
Covid One Year Ago
25 March 2020

New York governor Andrew Cuomo issues directive to nursing homes:

1 Nursing homes must accept suspected or diagnosed covid patients straight from hospital

2 Covid testing of incoming residents is prohibited
5. Find Podcast By Person, Topic, & More
Podcasts are such a phenomenal way to consumer information. However, due to the decentralized nature of the medium, discovery can be a challenge. For most, this means you’re at the mercy of the search function in your preferred podcast app of choice. While I genuinely love the playback and features of my favorite podcast app, Pocket Casts, I find its search & discovery functions to be lacking.
Enter Listen Notes, which dubs itself “The #1 Podcast Search Engine”. With Listen Notes, you can search for people, topics, and more, and it will pull up individual episodes featuring what you’re looking for.
Listen Notes: The best podcast search engine
6. Vaccination Status in the EU
I was pretty frustrated with the slow start to vaccinations in the US and California in particular. However, our issues pale in comparison to the bungled rollout in the European Union, especially in regard to the AstraZeneca vaccine. This Tweet brutally sums up the current state of things in the EU.
Since this tweet was sent, the point about the United States not sending surplus AstraZeneca doses to the EU remains true, however, 10m doses were recently distributed to Canada & Mexico.
U.S. to send millions of AstraZeneca vaccine doses to Canada and Mexico
That’s it! Please feel free to leave feedback for me using the buttons below.
See you next Monday.
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