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The Monday 6 - May 24, 2021

The Monday 6
Hello, friend.
Disneyland was great! While it was annoying to wear a mask all day, my kids had a blast, we rode everything we wanted to, and ordering all your food on the Disneyland app ahead of time is great for planner types like me and my wife.
Here come the 6!

1. TikTok Photos Filter Formula
I saw this photo filter formula (for lack of a better way to put it) on TikTok, and I must say, it really makes your pictures pop.
Here’s what it looks like, before and after, starring my kids at Disneyland from last Monday.
Note: It really looks better than this, but the GIF compression in this email cuts down on quality.
There’s about a dozen steps, but the end result is great!
To try this effect yourself, click the link below:
Here's how to edit iPhone photos using TikTok's favorite formula
2. Steve Jobs: Master Marketer
Steve Jobs’ prowess as a business leader is certainly not a secret. This ~7-minute clip (as the Tweet suggests) is as valuable a lesson on marketing as anything else out there.
If you’re in or interested in marketing, give this a watch:
Musa Tariq
I watch this maybe once or twice every single month. It’s probably the best lesson in marketing ever told.
3. Video Speed Controller Browser Extension
As I mentioned last week (#6), when sharing my favorite podcast app, Pocket Casts, I’ve trained my brain to listen to most podcasts quickly.
YouTube has offered speed controls for quite a while, but the Video Speed Controller extension extends this speed control to virtually any video player online.
Give it a try to buy yourself a few seconds or minutes during the day.
Video Speed Controller - Chrome Web Store
4. Google's Vision For Video Calls
At Google IO, their annual event announcing new projects, Google shared a prototype of Project Starline. In its current form, Project Starline resembles a pair of restaurant booths with dozens of cameras in each that capture a hyper-realistic, 3D version of the person inside. It’s then sent in real-time to the person on the other end.
The result is an extremely immersive, responsive, and lifelike video call, projected in 3D right in front of you.
If we can make video calls like this instead of the standard Zoom we’re all far too familiar with, count me in!
Feel like you're there, together
Feel like you're there, together
Project Starline: Feel like you're there, together
5. Compare The Size Of Countries
I’ve always liked geography, and the site The True Size lets you overlay any country (or state) anywhere in the world.
The typical Mercator projection of a map highly distorts the size of land, especially the farther away from the equator you look.
Now you can finally get a feel for the true size of Greenland. Also, Africa is HUGE.
Compare Countries With This Simple Tool
6. Animate Old Photos
MyHeritage, an ancestry site similar to, created this machine-learning-based video creator called Deep Nostalgia that takes your old photos and animates them.
At a minimum, watch this sweet old man watch a Deep Nostalgia video of his late wife, Lola:
Old man sees his late wife come to life - TikTok
MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia™ - Animate the Faces in Still Family Photos
That’s it for this week. If you found anything useful or fun, let me know! And if you have any suggestions, shoot them my way. 😊 See you next week!
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